Attacking Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Most of us know that in order to continue to afford to pay our Medicare and Medicaid obligations we have to become as efficient as possible in managing the system. We also know that there is at minimum $60 billion in Medicare fraud annually and when you add in Medicaid the amount could rise to $150 billion in fraud.
I was reading recently that President Obama is trying his best to do something about this mess.  He announced to his agencies that private auditors will be sniffing out the fraud and trying to reduce that amount and he believes it will pay back about $2 billion over the next three years. This is a good step, but far short of what needs to be done.
If the people in place in the Health and Human Services agency responsible for protecting taxpayers money against Medicare and Medicaid fraud can’t do the job, then Obama has to find people who can do it. He may want to start at the top with Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.  He owes that to the American people. For more on this read the full article here

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